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one of the problems with michael moore

is there such a thing as a teevee season anymore?

I guess the new season is upon us. Last week saw the debut of Entourage on HBO and Rescue Me on FX, and tonight was the second-season premiere of Dead Like Me on Showtime.

I've seen two episodes of Entourage, and so far I'm on the fence. After the first so-so episode I figured I'd give it one more week. After two, I'm thinking I'll watch it one more time. I suspect it will be one of those shows where I'll forget to watch it one week, realize I don't miss it, and never see it again. On the other hand, I talked to someone last night who cancelled their HBO because the movies on it weren't any good, and I thought, "who gets HBO for the movies?"

Rescue Me is the best of this bunch, although I would have missed it entirely if my fave Tim Goodman hadn't given it a rave review. It's an intelligent, realistic show about firefighters ... the pilot was engrossing, the characters have room for growth, it might be a keeper.

And then there's Dead Like Me, another one of those Showtime shows that isn't all that good but I watch it anyway. One way it's clear that Showtime ain't as popular as HBO was seen during the first half hour or so of this season's premiere of DLM: there was a lot of explaining going on, as if they didn't really believe anyone had seen the first season. I don't think the people behind The Sopranos worry about that stuff. Dead Like Me is good enough to watch, but not much more than that. Mandy Patinkin is terrific, though.


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