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sopranos season finale - spoilers aplenty

I've thought for some time that the BEST Tony Soprano could hope for was to be about where Michael Corleone was at the end of Godfather II: estranged from those dearest to him, atop the heap but wallowing in despair. Now I see I was wrong. For, at the end of the current season, Tony is already in that miserable place, and he's still got one season to go. It will only get worse ... I'm more certain than ever now that Tony must die at the end of the series. We can only hope that the last season of The Sopranos is better than Godfather III.

Some folks are complaining about how quickly the show seems to have moved on from Adriana's tragic death in the previous episode. But that's pretty much how these characters would work ... that doesn't endorse their actions, it just explains them.

Meanwhile, on a show that is less than its best of late, Queer As Folk, one interesting development continues: Brian Kinney is the uber-male of 21st century American teevee series, and the part where he's gay is just the icing on the cake. This season, Brian almost seems to discover his humanity, only to find he has testicular cancer (not good in any event, but in the case of Brian Kinney, Stud of All Studs, not exactly a slave to his dick as much as he's good at making others be a slave to his dick, this is a tragedy in the making). His reaction is to hide the reality from everyone he knows ... he spends most of his time pretending that everything is fine in his world, rarely talks about his true feelings, pretends that the world is just a place to get laid. That is, he's an uber-male. You go, girl!

So here's where we're at for completed series this year:

The Wire: A+
The Sopranos: A
Joan of Arcadia: B+
Dead Like Me: B
24: B
Curb Your Enthusiasm: B-
NYPD Blue: B-
L Word: B-/C+