good riddance
it was 20 years ago today

new stadium!


The old saying is, you see something new every time you go to the ballpark. Well, it was an interesting night at Spartan Stadium. The soccer was miserable ... two lower-division women's teams played a 5-0 match in a prelim (I got there in time for the second half), and then the Canadian national team beat the Quakes 3-1 in a dreary match that was curtailed because the power went out! Around about the 63rd minute, poof! No power! They played on in the darkening dusk for a few more minutes until the referee finally stopped play. It took forever to get back to the car, since the cops were rerouting everyone around whatever they thought was the electrical problem. Best thing about it all ... well, first, you have to understand that 1) Spartan Stadium is a shithole, and 2) the team is threatening to leave if they don't get a new home. So when the lights went out, we all started chanting "New Stadium! New Stadium!" It was fun for about 30 seconds, and sadly, that was pretty much the only fun all night. Nonetheless, my friend Jan the Dayak Fan took the above picture of me with my Palm, so the night wasn't a total waste.