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community colleges

Interesting article about community colleges, which has a running theme of "look where the Ph.Ds are teaching now." It's a bit bogus ... while I'm sure more people with doctorates are teaching at the community college level (like me, for instance), I'm not sure it's usually a case of "here's where I want to teach" as much as "here's where the jobs are." There are people (again, like me) who for a variety of reasons are more interested in teaching than in doing research, and those folks are likely to be very happy at colleges which emphasize teaching. But it's not the best way to show the value of a community college education, to say "hey look, this guy wrote a book and he teaches at DVC!" Community colleges are good for students because teaching is appreciated in itself at those institutions. And teaching was appreciated at DVC long before some guy with a Ph.D wrote a book. I should know ... I was a student there in the 70s.

Anyway, one other thing I liked is that one of my former students showed up in the article, Melissa Dollman, who transferred to Cal from a junior college. The article doesn't mention it, but Melissa was recently accepted into grad school at UCLA, so all of us lucky enough to work with her in the past are very proud.