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the day after tomorrow and santa cruz

Thanks to everyone who posted on the Open Thread ... by my standards, I'd call it a huge success! Our trip to Santa Cruz was lovely as usual, and not much to say beyond that. We usually see a movie when we go away ... on our honeymoon, the movie was Hitler, The Last Ten Days with Alec Guinness, so we're used to stupid movies, and this year was no exception. We actually waited until we got back home to go to the show ... based on the conversation here, we chose The Day After Tomorrow, and Doug, in Emeryville it was the same thing, the theatre was ICE COLD! I complained to the manager after the movie, told him I thought they were doing it on purpose like it was a William Castle movie, but he laughed and assured me that wasn't the case.

As for the movie, it's REALLY stupid. But what do you expect from a disaster flick? I'm unimpressed by the "hey look it's Dick Cheney!" "politics" of the movie, and while our crowd also laughed at the anti-American stuff, it was harmless laughter. In my memory, audiences have always loved seeing famous landmarks and big American cities get their comeuppance, and this one was no different than Earthquake or Volcano or any of the others in that respect. I thought Independence Day was better, for what it's worth, perhaps because that movie had Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Vivica A. Fox, while this one wasted every single actor in the cast. I don't go to a disaster movie for the depth of characterization ... just get to blowing things up is my motto ... so the pathetic attempts at making us care about Dennis Quaid et al were completely wasted on me. I guarantee anyone who watches this on DVD, you can fast-forward through every single scene that isn't about destruction, and not miss a thing worth seeing. Five on a scale of ten.

Meanwhile, I get to play with my anniversary present from Robin, a Rio Karma ... I don't have iPod hatred, but I do like a bargain, and we got a serious bargain at Good Guys for my Karma (pun intended). And I guess I have brand loyalty, since my very first MP3 player (and this was long ago, I was the first person I knew who had an MP3 player) was also a Rio.

I'll catch up with everyone in the next day or so ... still have some papers to grade. David Shapiro, of course I remember you ... I think you graduated with my brother-in-law, Steve Smith, by the way. Mitja, happy anniversary to you guys, thanks again to everyone who posted, and hey you in St. Pete, who are you, anyway? Welcome aboard, whoever you are (yes Artfan, that goes for you, too).

Oh, and Go Giants!