24 season finale
the day after tomorrow and santa cruz

open thread

OK, here's how this works. I go away for the long weekend; everyone who ever stops by to read this blog posts a comment to this entry. I don't care what kind of comment, although it would be nice if people actually read what other people wrote and responded to that. But it doesn't matter ... this is an experiment. And with my luck, it will be invaded by the Comment Spammers and I'll return from vacation to find 124 comments, all of them full of four-letter words. Popular blogs do this kind of thing all the time ... the blogger will be away for a day, when they return, there'll be hundreds of posts as the readers participate in a conversation. I don't have a popular blog, though, so it's entirely possible I'll come back Monday evening and there won't be any replies to this entry. Nonetheless, that's the general idea. We'll be at the Ocean Pacific Lodge in Santa Cruz, 831-457-1234. Tomorrow night, we'll be eating at Shadowbrook. We went there 31 years ago on our honeymoon; we've gone almost every year since then; we're going again in 2004. OK, it's all yours. Time to find out how many people actually read this thing ...