opening day 1990/1991

yep, he used to be on steroids

This was gonna be the season where Barry Bonds crashed back to earth because he wouldn't be able to take steroids anymore.

First at-bat: double. Second at-bat: double. Third at-bat: walk. Fourth at-bat: three-run homer.

Yep, Barry sure has changed since the Steroid Years. And did you see how thin he was, now that he's off the juice? He musta weighed, what, the same as last year?

Tomorrow's Bonds stat recap:

First at-bat: walk. Second at-bat: walk. Third at-bat: walk. Fourth at-bat: walk.



I'm already wondering if I should have drafted him instead of one of my other outfielders! Even if he only plays four more years, he'll undoubtedly do better than most guys over five years.

--Chris from an Internet Cafe in Sedona, AZ, or as my brother Steven likes to call it, "nature" :)

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