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tony and brian

an abundance of pleasures

I don't suppose I've ever said this before, but there's too much teevee on tonight!

On BBC America, there's a new series, State of Play, that comes highly regarded ... I'll record that. On PBS, the latest installment of Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren ... I'll record that as well so Robin and I can watch it together when she gets back from Atlanta (she leaves tomorrow for a week). On Fox, 24 makes a rare Sunday appearance after being bumped last Tuesday by the President. I'll record that for Robin's return as well. On HBO, there's the usual Sopranos and Deadwood ... we'll watch the first, I'll hold off on Deadwood until the Wednesday replay (but Robin will watch it tonight since she doesn't care as much about high-def).

With all of the above, the thing I find myself most anticipating is the return of Queer As Folk and one of my v.favorite characters, Brian Kinney. Robin will do the for-her remarkable: she's gonna stay up to watch it at 10:00! (I think she likes that show even more than I do.)

As I type, the VCR cranks itself up to start on State of Play ... I'll return from my teevee chamber tomorrow.