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jennifer does jon

Had a visitor posting a comment in an old L Word thread, which was nice, and then surprise surprise, Jennifer Beals was a guest on The Daily Show tonight. It was nice to see my least-favorite L Word character in a different environment, and she was quite charming, in part because she and Jon knew each other from back when they made a movie together (and had a screen kiss, which led Stewart to ask Beals how kissing him compared to kissing a woman on L Word ... as Jon put it, "when I kiss my wife, she sometimes says she wishes she was a lesbian!").

Tomorrow night's guest is Richard Clarke, and that should be a good one, although I have a hard time imagining the guy with a sense of humor. Gotta thank Jon Stewart for his one great line tonight: "Robert Novak, douche bag of liberty!"

Meanwhile, I have yet to see this week's episode of L Word ... I have to choose what to watch at 10:00 on Sundays, and Deadwood wins, in part because L Word gets replayed in HD more often. Once L Word finishes its run in a couple of weeks, Queer As Folk starts up ... I sure wish we'd have our HD recorder by then. Robin's gonna be happy ... if I had to guess what HBO/Showtime program she liked best, I might go with Queer As Folk.