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Well, I didn't get very far on my Oscar Run this year, for a variety of reasons. I only saw two of the five nominees for Best Picture, three Best Actors, two Best Actresses, one Supporting Actor, three Supporting Actresses, one Best Director, and only two in each of the Best Screenplay categories.

Odds are I'll catch up on most of the nominees eventually. I was similarly behind on last year's Oscar noms, but as I type this, I can say that a year later, I've seen all five of the 2002 Best Picture nominees, all five of the 2002 Best Actors, all five of the 2002 Best Actresses, all five 2002 Supporting Actors, all five 2002 supporting Actresses, all five 2002 Best Directors, and all ten 2002 screenplay nominees. So give me a year and I'll have an opinion.

Herewith, then, my 2002 Oscar choices. Chicago was not the best picture of the year, and Gangs of New York had no business being nominated. I love The Hours. Nicolas Cage should have won Best Actor. I had no problem with Nicole Kidman getting Best Actress.

OK, so I'm a year late. How about 2001? I saw all of those movies eventually, too. A Beautiful Mind wasn't any good ... I remember now why I'm not so worried about being late on these movies, the wrong ones always win! 2000? I only saw four of the five, but Gladiator wasn't the best movie in any universe I'm a part of. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned ... how about 1973, the year Robin and I got married? The best picture Oscar that year went to The Sting. Maybe the year I was born ... did they get it right in 1953? At last! From Here to Eternity, which actually is a great movie.

P.S. Guess I should include a health update. It doesn't hurt much to pee anymore ... I'm still afraid to do it, but it's mostly in my mind at this point. My back still gives me some trouble, but ibuprofen has done the job. Meaning my head is clear for my first-ever Oscars in HD!