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On the other hand, that wasn't a good episode. Again trying to remain spoiler-free ...

I like Shane, I like Alice. I like Pam Grier, not so sure I like her character on this show. Then there are characters about whom I don't yet have an opinion. Then there's Bette: don't like her. Marina: don't like her, think she'd be a good so-bad-you-love-her character, that seemed to be where she was heading, now she's like an afterthought in the Big Story About Jenny and Tim. Tina: want to like her, but don't like that she's such a doormat to sucky Bette. Jenny: she's a psycho, not sure that will lend itself to so-bad-you-love-her. Tim: if I wanted to watch a show about a guy, I'd watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I don't know ... after, what, five episodes? Six? I've lost count. After x number of episodes, I don't feel I'm getting attached to the show. With series television, you either need stuff of such a high quality that you have to watch, or you need to get attached to the series so you tune in regularly to find out what's happening with characters you care about. The L Word ain't high quality yet, and the characters seem to be unlikeable and uninteresting at the same time. Jennifer Beals is the nominal star in the ensemble, and I guess she's doing a good job, but her character sux, I wouldn't miss her if she disappeared for an entire episode.

I'll be there again next week, and probably throughout Season One, but I'm not overly impressed yet. Maybe it's time for one of my occasional "Grade the teevee shows" report cards (grades reflect current or most recent season):

The Wire: A+
The Daily Show: A
Joan of Arcadia: B+
Curb Your Enthusiasm: B+
Sex and the City: B
Queer As Folk: B
24: B
NYPD Blue: B
The L Word: C+

Missing in Action: Karen Sisco (a B+ before it got canceled), West Wing and Tru Calling (I quit watching them, so take a guess what grade I'd give them)