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Word is out that some folks have been charged with supplying various kinds of performance enhancers to athletes. Everywhere I've seen this story, the words "Barry Bonds" are all over the story. I'd like to make two points:

1) In every version of the story I've seen so far, buried underneath the attention-grabbing headlines is a sentence something like this: "No athletes were charged or named in the court documents."

2) I might as well say something now, in advance of whatever might come in the future. If Barry Bonds, or any other professional athlete for that matter, turns out to have been taking "performance enhancers," my reaction will be "who gives a shit." I put baseball players on steroids on the same level as Gaylord Perry throwing a spitball. If you think spitballs are a sign of society in decline, then more power to you ... I always thought it was kinda funny. If a baseball player wants to fuck up his body and shrink his testicles to the size of a raisin, I don't care any more than I cared if Gaylord had KY Jelly up his ass. Young kids, stay away from steroids and the like ... it's bad for your growing body. Professional athletes, do whatever, I really don't care.

FWIW, I think ultimately we'll find that Barry Bonds never broke any of baseball's rules.


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