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Evidence that the stupidest people in the world work in the California State Assembly:

Yee calls for feng shui in building standards

Assemblyman Leland Yee wants to suggest feng shui standards on state government planners. His justification for wasting money that isn't there? "With this legislation, we say there are other issues, cultural issues supporting other people's lives and the appreciation of diversity."

So there you have it: "appreciating diversity" means spending public moneys on fakery so people with different cultural backgrounds won't feel left out.

Stan Nishimura, executive director of the California Building Standards Commission, states "We know earthquakes knock down buildings. We know fire burns down buildings. We don't know what feng shui does to buildings."

Well, yes, Stan, we do know what feng shui does to buildings: not a fucking thing. But we wouldn't want to let reality impose on the appreciation of diversity, would we?

Diversity is crucial to the success and well-being of our society. But one can be in favor of diversity and still reject bogus pseudo-scientific scam artists.

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