rhapsody ain't perfect
oscar run iv: pirates of the caribbean

karen sisco r.i.p.

Karen Sisco was my favorite new show on broadcast teevee this season. It got crap ratings, was put on hiatus, and has now officially been canceled by ABC. That leaves Joan of Arcadia as the only new broadcast show from this season that I am still watching. Being a cable snob, I'll console myself with watching tonight's rerun of The Wire, which happens to be one of the best episodes of Season Two.


Don Neal

I watched the very first Oz live, the very first Sopranos live, the very first The Wire live, The very first The Shield live.

Every year there is a new favorite Daddy-O show that gets cancelled mid-season. In the imortal words of The Hurricane "wassup wit dat!" You have some sort of fixation with doomed shows, did it start with Crime Story or does it come from your upbringing?

Just teasing you about how you have to have a new favorite show every year.


Are there any DVDs from the series Karen Sisco?

Steven Rubio

No DVDs yet that I know of.

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