top ten music-related new-to-me items from 2003
fbi urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs

top ten teevee-related items for 2003

1. Buffy. The class I taught in the spring. The final episode ever. "The Body" out on DVD.

2. Speaking of DVDs, all those great cable shows I didn't see when they were first on: Oz, esp. the last episode of Season Two, when Said returned to prison of his own accord. Sopranos. Six Feet Under. Queer As Folk. Soul Food. Sex and the City. And one of the greatest mini-series of all time, The Corner.

3. Getting digital cable, meaning I can now watch all of the above when they are on. First, though, I caught up on past episodes of shows like Penn and Teller: Bullshit and the great Curb Your Enthusiasm.

4. And now I get to watch The Wire, the best series on teevee today. And The Office, which is so brutally on-target that it's not really funny. And Dead Like Me, which isn't really all that good but I watched it anyway. And Angels in America, which WAS really that good.

5. Not to forget, this was the year we got HDTV.

6. Not that broadcast teevee was completely worthless. Besides Buffy, there was the silly 24, the venerable NYPD Blue. the new Joan of Arcadia, the missing-in-action, best-new-show-of-broadcast-teevee-season Karen Sisco. Not to mention Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

7. On the other hand, broadcast teevee is also where Aaron Sorkin was booted from The West Wing.

8. And then there's that hazy world of basic cable, where you'll find the wonderful Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the hot and vile The Shield.

9. "London Calling" at the Grammies.

10. Adding their names to the teevee-watching oglers Hall of Fame: Kristin Proctor on The Wire and Charlotte Ross on NYPD Blue.