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my 2003 netflix rentals

the last seduction

I had a lot of fun watching The Last Seduction. The film was as amoral as its main character; I'm not sure it was supposed to be funny (well, OK, I think it was supposed to be funny AND something else), but I laughed a lot. Linda Fiorentino inhabited her femme fatale character like she was a born-and-raised preying mantis. Every man in the movie was stupid whenever he thought with his dick ... since most of the men never got beyond thinking with their dicks, that made for a lot of stupid guys, as if they'd lost an IQ contest with William Hurt's character in Body Heat. The occasional guy who tried to get past his dick was just as doomed as all the other guys, in part because even they eventually returned to the appendage that defined them. The Last Temptation might make you feel dirty if you took it seriously. I didn't (feel dirty, take it seriously). Eight on a scale of ten.