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best sports story of 2003, bay area edition

better luck tomorrow

Better Luck Tomorrow got made. That in itself would seem to be a call for congratulations, considering how difficult it was for the production team to actually finish the film. It looks professional, too ... the acting doesn't stink, the filmmaking doesn't do anything original but neither does it stink ... that's the best I can say for the movie, it doesn't stink. It doesn't do much of anything else, though. It presents overachieving Asian high schoolers in a different light than we usually see them, and it's nice to see something underneath the stereotypes. But it doesn't say much of interest about high schoolers, Asian or otherwise ... I can imagine young people who haven't seen this story told a hundred times before who will think this is their story on the screen, and more power to them, but think Rebel Without a Cause meets Goodfellas with an Asian cast and you've got pretty much all you need to know about Better Luck Tomorrow. Five on a scale of ten.