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angels in america

I'm tired and I need to go to bed, but I should say a couple of words about Angels in America. No, I didn't see the play, so I can't compare, but this was terrific, growing gradually in impact over the course of the six hours. The power of forgiveness, and the lovely depiction of San Francisco as a kind of heaven, were very moving. It was a great movie, and great television, although the sense in the pre-show hype that it was somehow better than television was unfortunate. There is other television this good, you know ... most of it, like Angels, on HBO. In particular, The Wire is equally good at giving believable depth to all characters, major and minor. I say this only as an advisory for folks who think teevee is only good when something like Angels in America comes around ... to think like that is to miss some great stuff. For Angels in America, ten on a scale of ten.