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The new television season has started, and pardon me for not being v.excited.

I like teevee; I usually have lots of shows that I watch. But this season promises to be an odd one for me, for a variety of reasons, some good, some bad.

To get the obvious thing out of the way: there's no more Buffy.

This leaves me with only two standard network shows that I watch with regularity. NYPD Blue has been around forever. It's the show Robin and I have stuck with for the duration. The current acting ensemble is the best in the show's long history. But it's mostly a habit show, as in I have the habit of watching it. There's nothing new to be done there. Last night's season premiere was OK ... the HD was gorgeous, I have to say ... it's still a good show, and that's worth something, but I haven't got anything else to say about it.

West Wing began the post-Sorkin era tonight. I wasn't even gonna watch this season, although my logic was warped: on the one hand, I like Aaron Sorkin, so if he's gone, why watch, but on the other hand, I didn't think the show was very good last year when Sorkin was still in charge, so maybe he had to leave. Anyway, I joined a lot of fans in playing "how is WW different without Sorkin" tonight. Not as much snappy dialogue, but the plot required more somber acting, so that wasn't a big deal. I have a fear the show will become more soap-opera-y, but I don't know why. Basically, it's the same show but probably not as good. It looked good in HD, if not as good as Blue.

It's also fun to watch teevee shows with Robin. And therein lies the biggest rub of all. Because, even though I don't see any new network shows that look must-see, there are plenty of other shows I look forward to. Most are on HBO: The Wire is the bestest show, and I missed Season One but they're gonna start re-running it beginning Friday, so I can catch up, and that will be great. Sopranos is about to start re-running Season Four, which is the one I haven't seen yet. Then there's Dead Like Me on Showtime, which isn't that good and its season is almost finished, but it's been good enough to keep my attention, at least. The Shield will start up again sometime on FX. There's no lack of shows.

But the part where you share the weekly experience with another person ... one of my favorite parts about watching serial television ... well, as long as Robin refuses to watch cable networks, I'm stuck watching The Wire by myself, and The Sopranos by myself, and The Shield by myself, and Dead Like Me (which Robin would probably like more than I do) by myself, and basically all of the best shows I watch, I watch by myself.

And Robin shouldn't watch those shows if she doesn't want to ... I could say she'd like some of them, I think she'd love The Wire, but it's really none of my business, and I consider myself lucky for even having the opportunity to watch them at all. By myself.

So the first post-Buffy season is upon us, and I have a feeling our days of watching teevee together are fading into the distance as well.

And now I have to finish this post, because it's about time to watch Jon Stewart. By myself.