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searching for debra winger (rosanna arquette, 2002)

Searching For Debra Winger, a documentary directed by Rosanna Arquette (yes, you read that correctly), has turned up on Showtime. It's not much of a movie ... probably the best part was the post mortem, when Robin and Sara offered some on-target critiques of what was missing from the film ... but near the end came a moment of transcendence from Jane Fonda. That Jane Fonda, at this late date, still has such a moment in her was a bit of a surprise ... that it came in a movie directed by Rosanna Arquette is pretty interesting as well. But I just read an excellent commentary on the scene in question, and it's no surprise it's at Salon. The whole column is here ... I'll quote the relevant paragraph.

Jane Fonda hasn't made me cry since "Klute," but her description of the joy she found "maybe eight times" during her 40 years in acting drew tears last night. It happened in Rosanna Arquette's Showtime documentary about actresses over 30 trying to have careers and lives, called "Searching for Debra Winger" in honor of Winger's defection from Hollywood at age 40. The women who participate range from Vanessa Redgrave to Salma Hayek, Meg Ryan, Holly Hunter, Diane Lane and Whoopi Goldberg and they make you want to run out and write scripts for them. But Fonda steals the show. She is coiffed, has had some face work, and wears the protective makeup she probably got used to not only while living in Hollywood but in Atlanta with Ted Turner. When she describes the "circle of light" that was a movie set, and the few times when it all came together, you finally understand why actors get paid so much and why the good ones deserve it.