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ohmigod, linguica dept. (rubios, read this one)

I've gotten a couple of emails recently about the article I wrote four years ago about linguica. I hear from people every month or two about that piece, but getting two emails in three days seemed a bit much, so I googled "linguica" and "rubio" and found a link to Moniz.

Imagine my surprise (and pride!). So I decided to call the number in the listing, and next thing you know, I'm talking to a woman at Moniz. Turns out she knows who I am ... she found the article on the web and printed it out for everyone at Moniz, so they all know me, I guess. We talked for awhile, and then she asked if I could hold on a second ... I heard her talking to someone in the background, "I've got the guy on the phone who wrote that article!" ... and then this old guy picks up the phone, John Correia is his name, and his job is ... DELIVERY GUY FOR MONIZ!

He says he's been delivering for a v.long time, and I said well, my grandmother used to get Moniz delivered to her house, and he said yes he'd read that in the article, and I said well, she was all the way in Antioch (Moniz is out of Oakland), and he said oh, I used to deliver out there, and I said her name was Frances Rubio, and he said he didn't remember, it was so long ago, and I said she was an old Spanish lady, and he said YES, HE KNEW WHO I MEANT! and YES, HE USED TO DELIVER TO HER!!!

So here it is, 2003, my grandmother has been dead for almost 20 years, it's been longer than that since I can remember the Moniz truck coming to her house, and ... I'm talking to the Moniz delivery guy and he remembers!

File this one under Small World, I guess ...



I remember this guy.
Grandma didn't want us to get too close to him, though...Like the guy's behind the counter at Johnny's Market.
And Sam....(mala-fa-shone!)


do you have their contact info? i have been trapped in michigan for 6 years, where no one has ever even heard of linguica....


Do a google search for "moniz portuguese sausage" ... you'll get an address and phone number.


John Correia is not just the delivery guy. He owns Moniz Sausage! He's a wonderful, delightful gentleman, loved by many. Just thought you should know - he's not just the delivery guy.

Charlie Bertsch

How about that for a capper to your story? I'm ever so glad I persuaded you to go ahead with that piece.

cherri booth

I get Moniz linguica every year for Christmas breakfast for over 30+ years and this year when I tried there phone # was disconnected??? Please tell me they haven't gone out of business? Does anyone know?


I believe I heard that the main guy finally retired.

cherri booth

I'm sad to say that Moniz Linguica in Oakland, CA closed in Dec. '06. My family had been getting linguica from there from the time they first opened. It was always our family Christmas breakfast, long after my Grandpop died, who started the tradition. When I spoke to the owner he said he was finally retiring due to his health and that his son's didn't want to take over the business, sadly. He did say he was trying to sell the recipe. I sure hope he does. That was the best damn linguica EVER!



I was looking for Moniz info to order some sausage when I read your article. this legecy continues. My father bought that Linguica plant from Moniz in the mid 30's. When my parents married they lived upstairs at 1924 E. 14th st in Oakland. That was in 1936. My dad sold the plant back to Moniz family after several years. I have some sales reciepts with my dad's name on it. He was the cook along with mom and he deliveried all over the bay area. He died 4 years ago at the age of 94. We still have the recipes.

mike lewis

What a sad state of affairs . In 1900 we were 25-30% of the population of Oakland -- now we just can find precooked ''linguis'' in the stores . Why not call it what it is - garbage -- my grandma bought Moniz since 1930 -- I since 1970 -- too bad .


does any one know were i can get some leguica similar to this one i went thier as a little kid with my mother know im 31 years old and he retired. i always loved it now i need to find some thanks


Doesn't taste the same ... nothing will ... but we've been enjoying Barcelos:


thanks ill try it hope its good ive tried the silva brand they sell at stores but its really dry and the taste isent thier.


Never much liked Silva. A lot of linguica these days is a bit more dry than in the past, I think ... not as greasy, health issues is my guess, Barcelos is a nice one, though.

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