me without you (sandra goldbacher, 2001)
sincere condolences

a's and giants: chris speaks!

Well, I know Steven warned me not to read his two posts about A's fans, yet he knew I'd read them anyway just like I read all of his posts. Heck, I even read the soccer and Buffy ones! A couple people have asked me if I was offended by Steven's comments about A's fans.... I have to say I wasn't, because even though I'm a big A's fan, I know he wasn't talking about me. Instead, he writes that I am "the only nice A's fan on the planet" (see March 7), which, whether that's actually true or not, feels pretty good to me!

For years, I have stated I am an A's fan first and a Giants fan next. While you won't catch me wearing one of those A's-Giants split baseball caps, I have to confess it's sometimes weird during a game to realize I'm wishing that Benito Santiago hits into a double play or that Gallaraga strikes out. I'm not used to cheering against the Giants, and I only ever do so when they play the A's. But I never diss the Giants or their ballpark or their fans ... and I'm guessing that's one of the reasons why Steven calls me "the only nice A's fan on the planet." I'm glad he thinks so... but I'm guessing that old gal who nearly ripped my left ear off at the Oakland Coliseum a few years back when I "battled" her for a foul ball would probably disagree with him!

(posted by Chris Rubio)


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