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So...I am in Italy now, and I didn't stay up and watch the Super Bowl. Given that I don't like American football (at least as played by professionals as opposed to flag football,) it was a no-brainer.

It's a very long flight from San Francisco to Naples. I had a layover in Frankfurt, and a short one in Munich (Munchen.) Those Germans aren't as organized as you're lead to believe. I was fortunate to have aisle seats, as Lufthansa doesn't seem to have any more room than any other airline. They DID manage to get me a vegan meal everyt time though! I ask for vegan to keep others safe from my lactose-intolerant insides. It meant that I got dinner and breakfast before anyone else.

I'm writing this from the library at the military base. I have my own ID card now. We're doing errands a little later, lunch at Subway on bit ago.

Katie has a really big belly, but the rest of her looks about the same. The baby is giving her a bad time today, so we're hoping it comes soon. It looks like the name will be Ava Catherine, to be called Ava Cate. We'll see. It could change at the last minute. I was going to be Ruth Ann until I got here. Katie would have been Nick if she was a boy. I think Tami was going to Timothy.

Katie and John have a nice house, with a full basement that isn't really a basement, it's just on the same floor as the garage. I have a bedroom and bath there, but there are whole rooms down there in addition to mine. I took some pictures that I'll try and get sent off later. The only problem with the house is that the landlord doesn't take care of things well, so the windows leak and cause water damage, and yesterday the boiler leaked (thank gawd it's outside) and whined like a banshee when it ran out of water. There is a wonderful view of the bay from their house, and you can see islands and Vesuvius. I wouldn't mind going to Pompeii while I'm here, but we'll see. I've always been fascinated with the idea that people we're just doing what they did in those days, and that when the gases and ash came, people were just frozen in time.

The drivers here are pretty crazy...they aren't unlike drivers in the rest of Europe, except that they don't care where they are when they decide to change lanes. On the way here we were driving on a 3-lane road, that some folks would turn into 4 lanes, and a guy in the far left lane decided he needed to exit at the exit we were was quite a miraculous change of lanes. Nobody died, so I guess it worked out.

I'm going to go look at books now, so I have something to read before I go to sleep.

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