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love, feet, absence


I went to the podiatrist today (about which more in a second). When I returned home, the fellow pictured above was sitting on my front porch. My lovely wife sent him to me! It's funny, she made me promise once never to send her a fuzzy bear or anything like that, but put a continent and an ocean between us, and we'll do ANYTHING to let each other know we miss them! If you squeeze the doggy, it sez "I love you!"

Foot update for Robin: put Lotrimin on for six months, trim nails straight across, hope for the best. He trimmed down the right toenail pretty severely, and said maybe down the road we'd do more serious excavation, but for now it's OK. Was kinda scary at first ... I go into the office, they put me in a chair that reclined, took off my shoes and socks, and prepared me for a local anesthetic! But then the doctor looked at it and said that wasn't necessary. Whew!