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I had dinner tonight at a sorority.

It's some kind of tradition sororities have, a "professor dinner" where individual members invite one of their instructors to dinner. The sorority was ... I want to say Gabba Gabba Hey because I can't remember, but instead I'll look at the invite ... Gamma Phi Beta. One of my International Media students, Vivian Shin, invited me. It was quite nice ... Vivian looked at it as an opportunity to get to know one of her teachers outside the school environment, and she had a bazillion questions on every topic imaginable. I finally told her that I had this blog, and if she could find it, she'd find out more about me than she'd ever want to know.

So, welcome Vivian! You wanted to know your teacher, well, here I am!

What follows wasn't exactly a highlight of the evening, but it was easily the weirdest thing about the entire night. (I imagine right now all you readers out there are wondering to yourself just what exactly would constitute a weird thing at a sorority.) It's like this: they don't clap, they snap their fingers. Whenever someone says or does something that warrants applause, all the sorority sisters start snapping their fingers! It's the most bizarre sound, as if you were surrounded by a bunch of soft-spoken crickets. Here I thought the Greek world was full of secret rites of passage having to do with blindfolds and body parts and a bowl of mushed-up chocolate pudding, and come to find out, it's all about the finger-snapping!

Thanks to Vivian for inviting me!