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phone call

Well, that "phone call" via the blog is coming sooner than I might have guessed.... we watched Y Tu Mama Tambien last night, and it's the first movie I can rate a tad above my most recent least favorite movie, Amelie. I should have never watched Y Tu Mama Tambien.... I read Steven's review, and there were several warning signs I would hate this movie. He wrote, "Some have called the film a Mexican American Pie..." (a movie you couldn't pay me to watch, BTW) and "it's about eroticism period, in particular the eroticism of adolescent males. Like the afore-mentioned American Pie, Y Tu Mama Tambien is understanding of those teenaged boys even as it makes fun of their hormones."

What made me think I would like a movie about "the eroticism of adolescent males" or any movie which resembled American Pie? IMO, all these two boys care about is their dicks, and we get to watch them have really bad sex (this is erotic?) and then brag about sex they will have or have had. We watched the movie in its entirety, but I could care less about either of them by the end. No "touching" homoerotic scene or self-reflection could save this one for me. I give it a 2 out of 10; for comparison, I gave Amelie a 1 and Lantana a 10.

(posted by Chris Rubio)