air conditioning

george harrison

My sister Sue did some geneological digging, and found out some information about our grandfather on my mother's side, a man none of the Rubio siblings ever met, nor did we know much about him, which is why Sue's info was so interesting to us.

He died on June 4, 1941 after spending 24 days in the hospital for "acute yellow atrophy of the liver" (liver cancer). We had always heard he drank himself to death ... guess this fits that description. He was only 41 when he died. The death certificate listed our grandparents as married, but my grandmother lived on College Ave. while grandfather (don't know what to call him, we never really gave him a name" lived in the Hotel Durant.

His occupation is listed as engineer, and his employer was S. T. Johnson Co., a heating company. They're still around. I can remember a book my grandmother had that was co-authored by her husband ... the story was he helped invent air conditioning, but I don't know if that's true. Apparently their family did OK during the Depression, but then when the rest of the country was starting to improve, grandfather went into his final drunken decline, and the family's fortunes went into decline. (I've always thought it explained my mom in the last 25 or so years of her life, that twice she had gone from better off than most folks to the pits ... must have been scary.)

He's apparently buried in El Cerrito ... I'm trying to find out where his grave is. Thanks, Sue!