we like to party


My daughter Sara got to see her favorite musician last night, Caetano Veloso. Hope she doesn't mind if I quote from an email she sent me after the show:

Well, I thought it was intermission when it was over, and I didn't get to say "you have helped me through all of the hard times in my life, and I have listened to only you for weeks at a time.The show was great, however, and we did get to go backstage as the last group of ten or so in a round of about 30-45 people. And so I said, "muito prazer." and then, "you have been an inspiration, thank you so much" and then I followed up (did I mention he is the man of all men, and he's even a man's man like Jonny Depp...) "I hope you enjoy your dinner because they told us you hadn't eaten yet on account of us." Christine chickened out. I almost did.