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premo, mo, pomo

James Morley defined premodernism, modernism, and postmodernism as follows:

1. premodernism: Original meaning is possessed by authority (for example, the Catholic Church). The individual is dominated by tradition.

2. modernism: The enlightenment-humanist rejection of tradition and authority in favour of reason and natural science. This is founded upon the assumption of the autonomous individual as the sole source of meaning and truth--the Cartesian cogito. Progress and novelty are valorized within a linear conception of history--a history of a "real" world that becomes increasingly real or objectified. One could view this as a Protestant mode of consciousness.

3. postmodernism: A rejection of the sovereign autonomous individual with an emphasis upon anarchic collective, anonymous experience. Collage, diversity, the mystically unrepresentable, Dionysian passion are the foci of attention. Most importantly we see the dissolution of distinctions, the merging of subject and object, self and other. This is a sarcastic playful parody of western modernity and the "John Wayne" individual and a radical, anarchist rejection of all attempts to define, reify or re-present the human subject.

Don't fear, this is still a post about Bruce Springsteen. Back in '92, we saw Bruce with that Other Band he had for awhile. After the show, our friend Kim Nicolini said of Bruce, "he's such a ...." Your job is to figure out which of the above filled in the blank in Kim's statement: premodernist, modernist, or postmodernist.