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a millionaire working joe

A Millionaire Working Joe

Yes, it's true, this blog is going to be All Bruce, All the Time for the next month and a half, I suspect. Today: Quotes about Bruce from Plastic.

"at the end of the day you have the music and you have the man. the man is one of the few artists i can think of who has lived their artistic life with integrity, springsteen has grown older as we all do but unlike others his music reflects that, he has never endorsed any commercial products, he has not tried to branch out into movies and he has not tried to boost his career with duets with spice girls or mariah carey. for him music is his job and he has a very old fashioned idea about rock music in that he thinks it can be useful- that it can do more than just entertain." -- Anonymous Idiot

"[Asbury Park is] coming back, thanks to the efforts of a new city government, area business owners, and Bruce Springsteen. The Boss has poured millions into the revitalization efforts, and he's going to pour in even more. He obviously cares about Asbury, and is in fact seen to make frequent visits to the area. Hell, I saw him today. He stopped into my coffeeshop around 4 in the afternoon. Smiled at me, asked if the owner was in, and quietly took his leave. Nice guy. Cleaner-shaven than I expected. Very simply dressed-- you all know the deal, black shirt, black pants. A millionaire working joe.... he's a flesh and blood human being, not some stiff plastic celebrity. He drinks coffee. He likes to walk around the streets of his adopted hometown and say hello to the locals, even to scruffy college-kid types like myself. There are few 'relevant' celebrities, relevant to my generation or anyone else's generation, with this kind of decency. The Boss still matters."
-- thesoundnfury

the rising

I've never met Hal S 007. He's one of the many articulate Bruce fans you'll find online; in Hal's case, I get to keep up with his comments on Hal's a smart guy (and doesn't mind if you know it) ... I rarely agree with him about anything "non-Bruce," but he argues a good case even when I don't agree. What he is especially good at, though, is all things Bruce. In particular, his "inside" knowledge is more reliable than most.

What follows isn't really inside knowledge, outside of the part where Hal has heard the new album and I haven't. And while I trust Hal 99% about Bruce info, he and I agree on Bruce art something less than 99% of the time. Nonetheless, I'm getting excited about the new album, and when I read this missive from Hal, I got more excited still:

Subject: It Is a Masterpiece

I am simply blown away.

Concurring with Joe, huge mistake to do the listening parties like they did. The entire album together is absolutely brilliant. Plus, the sonic quality of the CD is so impressive there was no way to get the actual feel in the types of rooms they were playing it in. Do yourself a favor, if you are listening to MP3s recorded by an audience member at a listening party, get rid of them. This is without question the best sounding album he's ever recorded.

Into The Fire sounds so much better on the CD than it did at the listening party. And You're Missing and Paradise are simply mind blowing.


Some people out there are really good. Or so it would appear. Tonight before the Giants' game, the team honored retired pitcher Mark Gardner and his family for ... well, basically for being good people. Gardner spent several seasons with the club, and wasn't anything special, although he was good enough to keep his job for some years. The point is, his play wasn't at a level where his team would make a big deal of honoring him after he was done playing. Yet there they were tonight, former teammates, people from the past, all paying homage to a good person. It was nice to see.

say anything

I finally saw Say Anything, and it's easy to see why so many people are taken with it. The acting is wonderful, the casting even better (I imagine most people who watch it will say at some point, "hey, there's so-and-so, I always like it when they are in a movie" ... for me that person was Lili Taylor ... and Jeremy Piven ... and Joan Cusack). Ultimately, I liked it enough, but I suspect not nearly as much as its champions. The best thing about it was that it wasn't a John Hughes movie. But from me, I'm afraid that's slight praise.

There were a couple of moments, though, when it got to me in a personal way. One is when Ione Skye breaks up with John Cusack ... put me right back in the summer of '69 when Robin made us split. The other is when Ione finds out her father is a crook.

I give it a seven on a scale of ten.

charlotte gray

I thought I'd fill space talking about Charlotte Gray, but now that I've seen it I'd just as soon not bother. Cate Blanchett is beautiful and a fine actress; Billy Crudup is beautiful; Michael Gambon is a fine actor. The movie isn't much of anything, though. I give it a 5 on a scale of 10, and predict five years from now I won't remember having seen it.

it's all oh-vah!

Geoff, Nikki and Sean came to New England for a week-long visit. CMGi stadium was among the many places we visited. The "Su-pah, Supah Revs" beat DC United, 2-0. I'd have to say the best display of New England accents was right here at the stadium. We couldn't help but join in the chants.

(posted by Sue)