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it ain't no sin

I'm sorry, I know it's boring, but there's nothing else to talk about. Oh, I could mention that Robin, Sara and I just watched Re-Animator, but what I REALLY did today was 1) get up early to watch Bruce on the Today Show, and 2) go down and buy a legit copy of the new album, and 3) listen to Bruce all day long. And then Salon ran a wonderful autobiographical Bruce piece by Joey Sweeney, that finishes like this:

Bruce Springsteen is healing a nation. Not the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not Moby. Not even, since we are traveling in descending altitudes of coolness, the fucking Goo Goo Dolls. Bruce Springsteen is on the television -- every television -- and he is healing us. Because we have been hurt. And because Bruce Springsteen not only cares about America, he is America, and what's even better, he understands just how fucked up it is and has always been to be an American, the ridiculous mix of the grand and pathetic, the painfully self-aware and the mockworthy clueless spiritual state that has gotten us so far ahead and so sadly behind the rest of the world. Some sick mojo the man has is melting us on our couches, making us into puddles of microwave-popcorn butter and that nasty aloe shit they put on Kleenexes now. We are a tired, huddled mass, punch-drunk and lucky as fuck that it wasn't us. And as Bruce is so humbled to remind us, well, it wasn't us this time, at least. And hey, remember the mantra: It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.