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bruce story of the day


He's on the cover of Time again. The article tells a story about one Stacey Farrelly, whose "husband Joe was a fire fighter with Manhattan Engine Co. 4 and, as his obituaries noted, a lifelong Springsteen fan." Bruce talked to her on the phone after learning about her husband, and the stories she told about Joe were in Bruce's mind as he worked on The Rising. Farrelly is asked if she thinks Bruce is exploiting the tragedy:

Let me tell you, I have more CDs that people have sent me, just random people that wrote songs or whatever. I won't listen to them. But I trust that Bruce is sincere, that he really believes in what he wrote. I know the firemen are going to have a hard time with some of it, but then you sing along, and you just feel a little better. I trust him with all my heart. The only thing that bothered me is when he married Julianne.