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chris checks in

Checking in with my brother Steven through his blog, thinking I was going to comment on a movie review he wrote a while back, but now find I want to add my two cents to his most recent posts about "stealing" music on the Internet. It doesn't really surprise me, but my brother and I agree on this one whole-heartedly. Of course, we listen to different music, so my "Sleater-Kinney" is Jennifer Berezan or Cris Williamson, or any of a number of women's music artists whose music I buy but won't copy and share. Just last week Karen and I went to hear Jennifer Berezan at the Palms here in Davis, taking our friend Mary with us. Berezan has a new CD out, which I bought at the concert, and then I bought Mary one, too, as a birthday present. Yes, I could have easily gone home and made a copy of my new CD, but Jennifer Berezan needs the money from the sale of the CDs, and I want her to continue to make music. Like my brother Steven, I feel comfortable "sharing" music from the successful, money-making artists but won't copy more than a single song from those artists who need our money.

Ok, back to my original thought for a post... again, not too original, but after reading Steven's review a few weeks ago of Lantana, we rented it and finally watched it last night. It was a solid film.... really good acting and believable, intriguing characters. That's two Rubio's thumbs up for those of you looking for a movie to rent!

(posted by Chris Rubio)