more dey young trivia

identity theft, kate rambeau

So yesterday I get a letter from a collection agency telling me I owe Verizon Wireless more than $1000. Turns out someone used my personal info to run up a cell phone bill about a year and a half ago. Turns out the same person ran up a big Pac Bell bill at the same time. First I've heard of it.

On a happier note, Robin is watching Enterprise and Dey Young is a guest star. Might not mean anything to you, but she's famous at our house as Riff Randall's best friend Kate Rambeau in Rock and Roll High School. Well, we must have seen that movie a million times, because I can't remember ever seeing Dey Young in anything else, ever, but the minute she opened her mouth on this Star Trek show, we recognized her voice!

Oh, one more thing ...

Congratulations, Dr. Sandell!!!