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So, here comes the semi-short version of the trip to NYC.

We flew JetBlue to NYC. I like them ... cheap but decent, acceptable space. Stayed at Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side ... Pink was playing at the Beacon Theatre a coupla doors down, but not until the day we left, so I guess I have to wait until later in June when I can see her at the Warfield. Robin and I went to a Japanese restaurant and bought some groceries (our suite had fridge, toaster, microwave, stove, everything). Neal, Sara and Sonia went to a bagel place, then to Times Square to the WWE restaurant.
Robin and I met up with Jillian's sister Jackie at Grand Central Station and we rode out to New Rochelle to see Rob and Laura Petrie ... well, really we visited our ex-in-law, Peter. Went to his home, which was v.lovely, spent time sitting in the sun, then back to Manhattan where we met up with the youngsters and ate Indian food. After that, Sara, Jackie, Peter and I went to a Greek restaurant for a nightcap. How grownup of us! Peter gave me a Norah Jones CD.
The wedding. Mitja and Elysia got married in Central Park. Got to meet up with Mitja's dad Franz and brother Aaron, who I hadn't seen for awhile. We managed to avoid meeting up with Mitja's mom. Then it was a charter bus to Chinatown, where they had a 12-course Chinese banquet. I ate stuff like jellyfish, sea cucumber, squid, and other delights ... managed to avoid most of the vegetables, at least! We met Mitja's friend Charlie, who turned out to be v.nice guy. Neal and Sonia snuck out and went to Little Italy, which is like around the block from Chinatown, and had cannoli. Then back home ... we rode the subway sometimes but also took lotsa cabs, and yes, Manhattan taxi drivers are v.exciting, to say the least.
Robin, Sara and I went out to Charol's house on Long Island. When I first visited Charol on Long Island back in 1982, she lived in Hempstead, which is barely outside the boroughs. Now she lives about halfway in, so she's getting closer and closer to where the Godfather lived. We were told that Jay Gatsby would have lived only a few minutes from her house. They "only" have five acres. Basically, they live in a forest, and have a gardener named Nino. If you've seen the movie Meet the Parents, they live where that was filmed. Then back to Manhattan, where the five Smith-Rubios ate at an Italian place.
We came home. Before that, though, Robin and I went to the Museum of Natural History for an exhibit called "Baseball As America" which was pretty good.
I wrote this. Then I graded papers, and prepared for the World Cup.


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