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more dey young trivia

Dey Young is Leigh Taylor-Young's little sister. Leigh Taylor-Young used to be married to Ryan O'Neal, which means Ryan was Dey's brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Rebecca De Mornay is Wally George's daughter (if you have to ask who Wally George is, I don't have time to explain). Rebecca De Mornay married Patrick O'Neal, whose parents are Leigh and Ryan. So Dey Young is almost kinda related to Wally George!

Meanwhile, Dey Young married David Ladd, who is Alan Ladd's son. David used to be married to Cheryl Ladd. So Dey and Cheryl have something in common: they were both Alan Ladd's daughter-in-law (except Alan was probably dead by then).

You could also do Kevin Bacon stuff with this. Alan Ladd was in Brother Rat and a Baby with Eddie Albert, who was in The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon was in My Dog Skip with Clint Howard, who was in Rock and Roll High School with Dey Young. Clint Howard is Ron Howard's brother; Dey Young is Leigh Taylor-Young's sister. Clint was in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me with Michael James McDonald, who was in Slackers with Leigh Taylor-Young!

Oh, and in case you missed it:

Congratulations, Dr. Jillian Sandell!!!


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