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celebrating dr. sandell

Last night we attended the Women's Studies graduation ceremonies at Cal, where among others our dear friend Jillian Sandell, now Dr. Sandell, was feted with love and affection and respect by her colleagues, workmates, and students. Jillian is one of the best teachers I know, and it's terrific that she will be teaching for the next year in the Berkeley Women's Studies department. Luckily, I'll be her colleague, as I am teaching for the next year in the UCB Mass Comm program.

Our students will call us "Professor," but at Berkeley, "professor" is not an honorary salutation, but rather a job title. Jillian and I will in fact fall under the job category known as "lecturer," meaning among other things that our appointments are for a limited time (in our case, one year), that we are not on the tenure track, that we have no real job security.

Our friend Joe Lockard, another exemplary scholar and teacher, has just published a piece on this subject that is so on target that I can do nothing but post the link for readers here. Check this one out, it's worth it. It's "The Disappearances of Academia."