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Well, while Steven's away, I decided I'd go and download Microsoft's damn Internet Explorer.... still can't figure out why Blogger can't allow one using Netscape to post, but I'll let it go for now...

Ok, so far this weekend Karen and I have gone to see two movies: one which she chose, and the other one I chose. Now, Steven knows Memento is one of Karen's favorite movies (hence, he got her the DVD for her birthday), so you might think Karen chose Insomnia. Not so... she chose Monsoon Wedding, and I chose Insomnia.

I'm not close to being the movie critic my brother Steven is, but being a Rubio, you can bet I've got an opinion. First movie we saw was Monsoon Wedding. It took everything I had not to walk out on that one, especially during the first hour. I was bored, not bored like I was with Amelie (with that one, I was bored and pissed at its "cuteness"), but bored like you get when your team is losing 11-0 and its the 6th inning. The theatre in which we saw Monsoon Wedding is called the Tower Theatre in Sacramento, and it is not surprisingly surrounded by Tower Records, Books, and Videos. Knowing that I could simply walk out and peruse some books or music was very tempting, but I stayed in the theatre with Karen, hoping the movie would pick up. It did, but if I was a tired Al Pacino, I'd have fallen asleep in the first hour in a snap. On a scale of 10, I give it a 5.0 (for comparison, I give Four Weddings and a Funeral a 7.0 and Amelie a 2.5). [Edit: Karen says she would give Monsoon Wedding a 7.5]

The next night, last night, we went to see Insomnia. Karen confessed she went with me to shut me up; several days leading up to its release, literally every day I'd share with her something new I'd read about it. The truth is, I wasn't sure it was a movie I could see, since there are certain violent acts I simply cannot watch (rape, over-the-top graphic violence & excessive blood, torture, and the like). Of course, that meant I had to read everything I could about the movie to decide if I could see it. Once I realized I could, I felt like we ought to go see it, because like Karen, I, too, really liked Memento, and I wanted to see Chris Nolan's latest movie. I also like Pacino, Hillary Swank, and Maura Tierney (sp?), the cute nurse from ER. Don't want to spoil the movie, so I won't give many particulars, but I will say, I was disappointed. Maybe I should have read more and I would have learned it was gonna be rather average, at least for my taste. But the truth is, I got a bug in my ear saying we should go see the movie, and Karen knew that had happened, so she probably figured the sooner we went the sooner I'd shut up. Pacino is solid; Williams is ok; Swank's character couldn't hold the badge of Tyne Daly in The Enforcer; Tierney played the same type of character she plays on ER. On a scale of 10, I give Insomnia a 6.0 (for comparison, I give Taxi Driver a 9.0 as I would Memento).

Filling in for her big brother, I'm signing off now to watch a DVD (I believe it's Vanilla Sky tonight).

(posted by Chris Rubio)


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