the scorpion king
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jake in thailand: chapter fourteen

Leaving Jing Jing!

Tonight I saw my last sunset, and I closed my eyes and then opened them several times just to make sure that I could see the moment in my mind. You know, you think that you have your heart all figured out when you are at home, in a comfortable environment, but what you don't realize is that your heart only knows a few things... What it sees on a regular basis... And the things that it loves...

But you don't realize that your heart may not NEED the things that your eyes see on a regular basis... Like your car or your loved one's... But what is wonderful about being away from these things is... That your heart still sees the things that it loves... Every DAY!!! Which still may be your car depending on what kind of car it is...

So you acquire an appreciation for what really keeps your engine running. And that may be your J O B. Or that may be your friends or your family. But the greatest thing to realize... is that all you need in life is yourself... And everything else is just a bonus! I thought that I wouldn't be able to survive without seeing my coworkers everyday... solving problems and just talking about more important things than the DSL issue that had the office in a scramble... I thought I wouldn't be able to live... Without going out to dinner with friends and making an ass out of myself dancing around and telling jokes... I thought that life would cease without the company and conversation with my family... But I was wrong........ I found that you can find friends... and you can find family... anywhere in the world!!! But what makes "home" so special... Is that you can always go to it... and tell your coworkers... and Friends.. and family... about the people that you have met. And the things that you have seen. And the experiences that you wish they could have seen with you. So I want to thank you all for listening to me. And for sharing with me. I wish I could have written to you all every Day!!!!!! But now at least we will have something to talk about when I get home!! HAHAHA!!!!

There are 50 people on my mailing list and 50 people that get them forwarded to them. (If only spam weren't an issue you all would be on here, I guarantee that!!!) So I want you ALL to know how special this was for me and how I have enjoyed your responses. I have never been a teary-eyed kind of guy (except for the movies), but I have cried so many times just hearing your voices through my monitor. And I want to thank you for all that. The support and the concerns... (And I would like to thank the academy and God) J/K Jing Jing, this time has been so special to me and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it. And if you want to learn how to speak Thai, just let me know!

So I leave from the Koh Samui airport tomorrow and then from Bangkok @ 1am May 1st. I arrive in SFO @ 11am May 1st. Traveling back in time. Coooool!!!

One last thing. You can talk to 100 people about a particular place... and they will all tell you that it's too crowded or that it smells or that it's just a waste of time... But you can never tell until you go (pai) and see for yourself... Experience it with your own eyes. I will never forget that. And you know what... That place that everyone hated... may be the place that gives you a new set of eyes.

Ti Rak,

ps. Life is like the stock market boy... The higher the risk... The higher the return.
-- Randy Kipp


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