my larry king column
jake in thailand: chapter fourteen

the scorpion king

Saw The Scorpion King. It's just what I expected. The Rock is the Rock; it's not exactly that he's acting, or even that they give him very many lines, but if you already like him, you'll like him here, as well. It's being compared to Conan the Barbarian, and the Rock holds up well in comparisons to Arnold. His movie, sadly, does not ... Conan isn't exactly a classic, but it did a good job of personifying evil in James Earl Jones's character, and Sandahl Bergman is one of the ass-kickingest women in movie history, a rare "Western" example that can match the Hong Kong ass-kicking babes. Scorpion King, on the other hand, has what is best called a PG-13 villain, and while it co-stars Kelly Hu, who proved her ass-kicking capabilities starring with Sammo on Martial Law, Hu does very little ass-kicking in this movie. I give it a 6 on a scale of 10; for comparison purposes, I gave Robo Cop a 7 and The World Is Not Enough a 5.


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