training day

A word or two on Training Day, Denzel, and the Oscar. The movie was good for its kind, much better than director Antoine Fuqua's earlier Replacement Killers. Didn't always make sense, ending was stupid, but there was also much to like. And yes, Denzel was terrific, but he's terrific a lot. He's now been nominated for five Oscars and won twice. For all I know, he deserved the most recent one; the only other nominee I saw was Russell Crowe, and I'd choose Denzel's job over Crowe's. But in 1993 the Best Actor Oscar went to Al Pacino for a hammy performance in Scent of a Woman, while Denzel had to settle for a nomination for his work in Malcolm X. So, somebody explain to me how Denzel in Training Day is an Oscar-deserving performance, but Denzel as Malcolm is not.