ah shit

snapshot of life at the moment

I'm subscribed to an internet radio thingie, Radio MX. You can semi-program it in various ways; one of these is to pick an "era." So I told it to play only songs from 1976. I got stuff like "Still the One," "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," "Get Up and Boogie," "Times of Your Life" (thank god there's a reject button), "A Little Bit More," "Boogie Fever," "If You Leave Me Now," "Love Is Alive," "You Sexy Thing," and best of all, "Disco Lady," which is so inspiring I've decided it's time once again to quote some lyrics:

Shake it up, shake it down
Move it in, move it round
Disco lady
Move it in, move it out
Move in and about
Disco lady
Hey sexy lady
Said I like the way you move your thang
Lord have mercy girl
You dance so fine, and you're right on time.
Girl you ought to be on T.V. on Soul Train.