valentine's day
jake in thailand: chapter four

pearl harbor (michael bay, 2001)

Wow, Pearl Harbor is a really terrible movie. First off, it's three hours long, and the first hour and a half breaks down about like this: 5 minutes showing the Japanese preparing the attack, 5 minutes showing the U.S. not preparing for the attack, 80 minutes of a generic love triangle. Ah yes, the love triangle. It's not exactly Jules and Jim; heck, it's not even Willie and Phil.

Then comes the attack. It's impressively filmed. You might ask yourself, though, why in a three-hour movie where two hours are wasted on an insipid love story, the filmmakers only really come to life when they can trot out a half-hour of Impressive Filmmaking dedicated to showing a lot of people dying. Go watch From Here to Eternity instead.


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