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So I don’t have to explain this every time, some history about the new series I’ve begun that I call “Film Fatales”. The name comes from a group with the same name that describes themselves as “a collective of female feature directors who meet regularly to mentor each other, collaborate on projects and create a supportive community in which to make their films.” I discovered them when I read a piece on Bitchmedia where the Fatales were asked for two lists, “Recent Women-Directed Films That Everyone Should See” and “Women-Directed Films That Inspired the Work of Film Fatales”. Later, a friend passed along another piece, “Update!: 115 Films By and About Women of Color, and What We Can Learn From Them”. I combined that list with the Film Fatales lists, and now I have a lot of movies to catch up on, all of which I’ll include in the “Film Fatales” series, even though the name isn’t quite correct any longer. (I continue to add to the possible films for viewing as I come across them.)

Posts in the series include:

#1: Vagabond

#2: American Psycho

#3: Daisies

#4: Wendy and Lucy

#5: Me and You and Everyone We Know

#6: News from Home

#7: Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

#8: Beyond the Lights

#9: Ratcatcher

#10: What Happened, Miss Simone?

#11: Night Catches Us

#12: The Gleaners & I

#13: Bridget Jones’s Diary

#14: Diary of a Teenage Girl

#15: We Need to Talk About Kevin

#16: Citizenfour

#17: Suffragette

#18: Obvious Child

#19: Tallulah

#20: Paju

#21: Stories We Tell

#22: 2 Days in Paris

#23: 13th

#24: Fat Girl

#25: The Intervention

#26: To Walk Invisible

#27: Wanda

#28: Jesus’ Son

#29: Girlfriends

#30: Wonder Woman

#31: Spielberg

And the following movies, which would be in the series except I’ve already written about them ... call them Honorary Fatales: