music friday: american rock
a hard day's night (richard lester, 1964)

jim brosnan

One of the fun things about the website is that they solicit contributions by selling pages of the site. The price varies from $2 annually for an unknown player to … well, lots for a Hall of Famer. I sponsor several pages … some for other people, they make a good gift. Many of these are understandable to anyone who knows me … I sponsor the page for the 1982 Giants, Mike Krukow, and the like.

I also sponsor the page for Jim Brosnan. You get to add a short message … this one reads “For The Long Season and Pennant Race”.

Brosnan had a nice major-league career as a reliever and spot starter, nine seasons with four teams, pitching in the 1961 World Series with the Reds. What he was known for, though, was two books, The Long Season and Pennant Race, which told the inside story of the life of a baseball player, a decade before the more notorious Ball Four. The books were mild in comparison to Bouton’s classic, but they were also the first of their kind, and they had a pretty big impact. I certainly loved them at the time (I was 8-10 years old or so). I picked them up again a couple of years ago and they were still enjoyable.

SABR has a fine page about Brosnan which can be found here.

Brosnan died last Saturday, June 28. He was 84.