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deslavada quinta-feira

As Brazil 2014 begins, what better way to throw ourselves back in time than by celebrating that great Brazilian, Xuxa!

If you want to know about Xuxa, you can check out the Wikipedia page, although, as it currently states, “This article contains translated text and needs attention from someone approaching dual fluency.” If you need some connection to soccer, note that Xuxa and Pelé himself were an item in the early 80s (she was very young).

I’ll get to the reasons why I’m including her in the throwback meme in a second. But first, I wanted to note something from that Wikipedia page that seems incredible, although ultimately, I’m not surprised.

Xuxa, who is now 51 years old, is worth $500 million.

I'm not sure I trust that figure, but still ...

OK, like I say, look at her Wikipedia page, or Google her. What does she mean to us at the Smith-Rubio residence? She was the host of a children’s TV show. The first was in Brazil, and called Xou da Xuxa. In 1991, she added a show in Spanish, El Show de Xuxa, which came out of Argentina. This is when we first discovered her, as the program was broadcast in the U.S. by Univision. It was exquisitely weird:

An English-language version followed that wasn’t as successful, called simply Xuxa:

All very fun and goofy. Dare I confess that I had a membership card in the Xuxa fan club? I was 40 years old, give or take.