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music friday, 1986 edition

Run-D.M.C., “My Adidas”. Hard to complain about the product placement when the song is as good as this.

Billy Bragg, “Levi Stubbs’ Tears”. A different kind of product placement.

Gwen Guthrie, “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But the Rent”. No romance without finance.

Public Image Ltd, “Rise”. Anger is an energy.

Prince, “Kiss”. It’s never easy to find Prince videos online, so this is a cover version. I’m pretty sure you can guess which one.

Janet Jackson, “Nasty”. She was 19 when this was released.

Cameo, “Word Up!”. Wonderfully 1986.

New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle”. I’m always looking for an excuse to include a New Order song.

The Bangles, “Manic Monday”. Here’s one way to sneak in a Prince video.

Hüsker Dü, “Sorry Somehow”. AND I’M NOT SORRY! (Happy belated Valentine’s Day!)