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what i watched last week

All Is Bright (Phil Morrison, 2013). I made a New Year’s resolution that I wouldn’t purposely watch any bad movies in 2014. I purged my Netflix queue of films that had made their way onto the list for no apparent reason, and looked to a new era of good movies. In the meantime, Netflix had sent me All Is Bright. It snuck in just as the calendar turned, and you can guess my enthusiasm by simply noting I didn’t get around to it until January 9. As is often the case, I’m not sure what prompted me to put it on the queue in the first place. It got middling reviews, although at least one critic I respect liked it. Netflix didn’t think I’d like it (predicting 2.3/5). I liked Phil Morrison’s Junebug, but all I remember from that is Amy Adams. All of which is by way of explaining why I quit watching All Is Bright after half an hour. It was slow and downbeat, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, and at some point I remembered my New Year’s resolution. So I can’t review All Is Bright, because I never finished it. And I hope that’s the last time I say that in 2014.