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getting personal

I don’t know of an easy way to calculate it, but I feel like in recent years, I’ve written fewer blog posts tagged “personal” than I used to. It’s as if I’ve more fully taken to heart the motto of this blog, as stated by Pauline Kael, “I’m frequently asked why I don’t write my memoirs. I think I have.” There is always another movie to watch, a new TV series to check out, new music being made and books being written. But my past doesn’t change, and my present lacks the kind of change that I think warrants a blog post.

Still, I suppose I could be more personal here. Over on Google+, someone commented on my American Hustle review, “do you go out ever or just watch movies all day?you seem a little to obsessed.”

That arrived in the midst of a pretty eventful day or two … whether I should mention it here is the question. I wrote my Music Friday post on Thursday afternoon, so it was ready to go. By 8:00 that night, I was sick. Really sick. I thought I had food poisoning, but enough other people I know have had similar symptoms, so I probably just had a version of “what’s going around”. In my case, it meant for approximately 12 hours, from 8:00 Thursday night to 8:00 Friday morning, I had severe diarrhea and vomiting. During those 12 hours, I lost six pounds. I couldn’t even hydrate … I’d take a few sips of water, and barf them up a few minutes later.

Yet, at least once during that time, I worried that I wasn’t making my presence known online. I was glad for that pre-written music post, since it meant the blog was covered for Friday. I didn’t go near Facebook or Twitter. The truth is, no one noticed … it’s not like I disappeared for a month, or that I’m all that important anyway. I did post on Google+, because we were getting phone calls on Friday (my wife having gotten sick as well), we weren’t answering those calls, many of them were from family, and my immediate family hangs out on G+:

“Anyone trying to reach us today: we are both sick. I had vomiting and diarrhea for 12 straight hours, Robin less sick but burned out. We aren't ignoring you.”

And that’s how I found out that my sister and my daughter were both sick, as well.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this … perhaps it’s part of trying to get back to normal. On Friday, it felt like we had jet lag … I hadn’t slept at all during the previous night, Robin hadn’t done much better, and so we spent the entire day in bed, sleeping on and off. As day became night, we turned off the lights so our bodies would understand it was now nighttime, because for that day, we’d been in limbo.

Now it’s Saturday, and I’m mostly better, if tired, and Robin is a bit better, but not enough. We’re still reduced to eating things like crackers and toast. And I’m using the act of posting to my blog as a version of turning the lights on and off. If I post to my blog on a Saturday afternoon, things must be returning to normal.

Maybe we’ll even get around to watching Helix.