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i'd better start watching more movies

The latest version of the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They list of the top 1000 films of all time is out. I encourage everyone to check out the website. You’ll notice that every time I write about a movie here, I include its position on this list. Of course, these things change over time. Some change within a small range … The Godfather has always been between #5 and #8. Some gradually win acclaim … In the Mood for Love has gone from #518 to #59 over the course of 8 years. Some disappear forever … I was sorry to see that Swing Time fell from #620 last year to off the list this year.

The top two movies remain the same. There are two newcomers to the top ten, Tokyo Story and Sunrise. I’ve seen about half of the films. That will change once someone even more obsessive than I am does the calculations and tells me exactly where I stand.

And Performance went up 35 spots, to #154.